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Guidelines For Parents  


Parent-teacher co-operation is essential for complete and harmonious development of the student's personality. The process of informal education is set in motion at birth and gains momentum in the school, a centre of formal education. To bring out the best in the child, family influences should aid and supplement school efforts. Both school and home should help the child inculcate in him/her the desirable behaviour patterns, healthy habits, and positive attitudes in person and social life to make him/her a pride of family and an asset to the society.Constant vigilance on the part of the guardians pays rich dividends. Please read the following points in the interest of your ward:

a) This diary should be used as means of clonommunication with the
school, by checking the remarks, if any, made by the teachers.
b) Please see that your ward has all the text books, items of stationery, craft material, dictionary etc.
c) Please ensure that he/she comes to the school in proper uniform.
d) Please ensure that your ward reaches school on time.
e) Absence from the school even for a day should be matter of concern. The guardians should impress upon their wards that they should not miss school unless it is unavoidable.
f)                                                           Please ensure that the child has the time table at home and that he/she

follows it.
g) Please convey your impressions about the work of your ward at home on the first and fifteenth of every month in the diary by using one of the following remarks:-

A - Very Satisfactory

B - Satisfactory and

C - Unsatisfactory


h) The parents should deposit the fees quarterly /monthly July, October and January. Also kindly note that transport fee will not be charged for the month of june. Parents are requested to deposit the fee preferably by cheque by writing the Name, Admn. No, class and Section of their ward on the right hand top corner of the backside of the cheque. Incase of withdrawal of the student due to any reason, application is to be submitted for the same latest by 10 March.

Kindly note that for withdrawal of transport facility, one month's notice is necessary. This Will, however:, be acceptable upto 31 August only and no withdrawal of this facility is allowed after September.

  1. Parents hiring private vans for the transportation of their wards are requested to ensure the safety of their wards in the van.
  2. Parents are requested to kindly ensure that their wards do not drive any vehicles to the school as underage driving is against the law.

I)  Parents/guardians are not allowed to take the child home unless it is
very urgent. In that case, parents have to come personally to take the child from the school.

  1. Private tuitions should be discouraged.
  2. For helping the school in handling emergencies successfully, maintaining communication with parents and keeping records updated is very essential. Parents are requested to notify the change of address, Telephone Number and the email IDs to the school authorities.
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